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I am Linda Byerline, CEO of Happy Heinys. We are one of the top cloth diaper manufacturers. Last year you were kind enough to send me a box of the Country Save Powdered Laundry Detergent to test on our diapers. Not only did I use it on the diapers but I also had several other customers use it on their diapers. I also sat back for a little while to watch and see what the "masses" online were saying regarding Country Save.

Well, I am very pleased to say that your detergent has past our testing. What is even more important though is some of the comments we have received from customers. They feel that many of the natural detergents that they use do not clean their adult clothes very well. They were very happy to report that they could not only use the Country Save for their diapers but also their adult clothes.

This is a huge benefit for us as manufacturers because we want the washing of cloth diapers to be as easy as possible. Being able to tell our customers that they only need a single detergent for all their laundry needs helps us to achieve this.

Out of the thousands of possibilities we only have 8 products listed and Country Save is our #1 choice for the environmentally safe category of detergent we recommend. You are in well-known company with Tide as our only recommended mainline detergent.

One small company to another, I hope that you find this little piece of news interesting. With all of that being said, I would like to say that we also have a brick and mortar store in San Diego and we are solely recommending your detergent and I think it would be best if we also solely carry your detergent. Thank you for helping me to find the source as a great way to buy wholesale and offer competitive retail prices for our Happy Heiny consumers.

Thank you for taking the time to send that trial box out to us.

MLB Industries, Inc.
Happy Heinys
Baby Frenzy

Hello from Spokane, WA!

I am a WAHM to four kiddos, use Country Save on my personal laundry and would love to send out samples of Country Save to my clients. In cloth diapering finding the best detergent is the HARDEST componant - many detergents have all the ingredients that hamper the function of cloth diapers, which in turn often mistakenly comes back as a negative against the manufacture of the diaper.

I'd love to provide samples of Country Save to my clients with each order. Do you offer small packets or sample size amounts of the detergent? What are the costs?

Thank you so much!
Meaghan Primm
Primm n' Proper Baby
Custom Handmade Cloth Diapers & Accessories

After extensive testing...The Country Save Detergent is overall comparable to Tide detergent in testing for contamination, water repellency and weight pick-up for cleaning GORE-TEX* Fabrics.

Gore-Tex Fabrics Division

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