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Cloth DiapersIt is worth remembering how and why we became one of the leading "cotton-diaper" detergents in the USA and how it all came to pass. We wish we could have claimed absolute commercial brilliance and market foresight but neither of those claims would be true. Here is the truth: On April 24, 2008, we received a very special note from a very special lady by the name of Linda Byerline who many of you know as the CEO and owner of Happy Heiny's Diapers. Linda informed me of a test that had been done over the course of 12 months that ended up with a total of 8 detergents being approved by the then-newly formed Cotton Diaper Manufacturer Association and that, as far as Linda was concerned, Country Save was the #1 detergent that she would be recommending to all of her hundreds of thousands of customers and, to our knowledge, that recommendation is still in place.

It is hard for us to keep up with all of the Diaper and Mommy Blogs out on the web but we are told by many that our reputation for making an excellent diaper detergent is firmly in place. I owe Linda a debt of gratitude for helping us to be identified as a preferred detergent for her diapers and that has grown to be an association with other manufacturers that we are truly proud of. I have not known such hard working women as the manufacturers and the WHAM'S (Work At Home Moms) that buy our detergent on by case and sell it by the box back to their own little groups of customers! My hat is tipped for all the work these ladies do ON TOP OF raising a child and doing it responsibly! Thanks for making Country Save part of your life!

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