Safe Detergents

From our beginning in 1977, Country Save formulas were designed to work in concert with the environment. Our founder, Elmer Pearson, had a background as chemist […]

Effective Detergents

Country Save produces cleaners which perform on a par with major conventional brands of cleaning products. We do so, using ingredients that do not cause a […]

Hypo-Allergenic Detergents

Country Save is Fragrance Free, but our commitment to producing Hypo-Allergenic products doesn’t end there! None of our products contain chlorine, dyes or artificial brighteners. These […]

Environmentally Friendly Detergents

Country Save products are manufactured for the consumer that is concerned about the environmental impact of our own individual lifestyles. For this reason we go out […]

Country Save & Cloth Diapers

One of the most asked questions we get has to do with buying a detergent for cloth diapers and another for the rest of the family. […]

Laundry Tips

By Mary Marlowe Leverette, Guide If it's not your Mom, there is probably someone in your life who just seems to know all the tricks […]

Stain Removal Guide

Always read garment's label for fabric content and to determine if the garment is dry-clean only or wash only. General Rules Definitions Classification of Stains Basic […]