One of the most asked questions we get has to do with buying a detergent for cloth diapers and another for the rest of the family. What a hassle! But NOT with Country Save! One detergent will do the trick for most families that want no detergent residue in their clothes, perfume & dye free, environmentally safe and soft coming out of the dryer!

WOW! No wonder Babies like us! …. along with the cotton diaper manufacturers that want you to be happy with their products! And Moms have made us a top selling & highly rated powder detergent on

How To Wash Cloth Diapers & Baby Clothes

We have received so many letters and notes from Moms around the USA & Canada thanking us for making our detergent the way we do!

Thanks, Moms, for your comments and I know that all of you know that we will go to extraordinary lengths to make sure that we help any way we can! Many of you have asked us for baby laundry tips and we have decided to default to the experts that really know what they are talking about!

Here is a link to Happy Heiny’s Laundry Tips.

Country Save & Cloth Diapers