For The Planet

Country Save products are made from ingredients that degrade rapidly in the environment, to prevent damage to our lakes and streams.


Cleaning Products

Utilizing state of the art technology to produce cleaners that perform at the highest level while maintaining our standards of environmental integrity.


For Sensitive Consumers

Free of artificial ingredients that contribute to eye, nose and skin irritation.



Country Save Powdered Detergent and Oxygen Powered Brightener are certified as products with reduced environmental impact.

Diamond Resorts and many other vacation hotels in North America feature Country Save Laundry Detergent Packets and have done so for more than 20 years! They choose Country Save because of our environmentally friendly ingredients and the fact that the formula is safe for delicate skin, containing no offensive aromas or additives.

For Decades soldiers in the US Military have been provided with Country Save Powdered Detergent Packets in their field kits. Our fragrance and optical brightener free formula makes it ideal for use by the Military. Likewise, Moms with babies have voted with their pocket books and made us a top selling & highly rated powder detergent on

Since 1977, Country Save has been producing extremely effective cleaning products which are formulated with your safety mind. Our cleaners are designed to the achieve the best possible results while making the least possible impact on the environment and on our health. Through a process of continuous improvement, Country Save has developed formulas that are very gentle on the skin, the eyes and the respiratory system. This makes our products ideal for children or anyone with sensitivities to harsh chemicals. We feel certain that you will enjoy using Country Save Products and we hope that you’ll share your reactions, with us. Thank you!