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Armed Forces Health and Comfort KitIn 2011, Country Save Powdered Laundry Detergent was chosen ahead of all others to be a significant part of the Defense Department's Health & Comfort Kits that are given to our soldiers serving in far off lands to keep and body and clothes as clean as possible when major facilities were not available. The kits have been sent off to every region that all of us hear about every day in the news and serve every branch of the Armed Services. Every soldier gets 10 packets of Country Save to use in the field along with body, skin and oral care products! We are proud to serve our country in the way and we will strive to make every soldier happy they have us. One of the key reasons we were chosen for this assignment was because Country Save Powdered Laundry Detergent is easily dissolved in the field where a helmet may be the "wash bowl". Our detergent has no optical brighteners in it that can cause a soldier to become a target of a sniper with a night vision scope. Optical brighteners reflect any available light source and our serving soldiers don't need little "twinklies" helping the bad guys see our guys and gals better. Country Save also has no smell. No use letting the bad guys know you are there because you smell like the flowers in the commercials.

We also take great pride in the number of APO orders we fill for serving men & women who order personally off of our website. We cherish them and always wish they come home soon but they take preference when it comes to the important customers in our life here in Arlington!

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